Conversational Champion Trainer

Conversational Champions Certification will qualify you to have the competence and confidence so that four weeks into your 8-week course you will be excited to launch your first “Conversational Champions” group and begin hearing the stories of breakthrough at home and work. You or your church can equip your people, have an ongoing income stream, and weekly testimonies from excited members in their homes and workplaces.

Course Description:

Creating your own Breakthrough Focus
You will quickly learn how to prepare yourself for the best daily planned and unplanned interactions with those most important to you. Your children, spouse, friends, and co-workers will begin to react to you in new ways with the heart and values you will embrace for their transformation. You will create your own map for breakthrough opportunities.

Avoiding the Conversation Killers
You will have fun identifying your default patterns that have kept you from your “A” game with others. Your new ability to be self-aware and self-managed conversationally will give you confidence and competence in any interaction. You will begin to see how others are missing great conversations with their own conversational killer blind spots.

Listening to what Really Matters
You will discover how to listen at a new level that will cause others to authentically connect with you; even when you are in conflict with them! You will be amazed at how you are picking up cues that others are missing and be able to shift a boring conversation into an engaging one. You will discover your own style of listening and how to match that with another’s preferred style of being heard.

Asking More and Telling Less
You will experience the power of helping others without giving advice or your story.
Feedback will enable you to learn quickly what kind of questions work best for different types of people. You will discover how to do less conversational work but get more conversational results.

Authentic Communication
You will experience the power of “truth-talk”, enabling you to be clear, genuine, and integrous in your communication. Models will be presented on how to effectively communicate brilliantly in difficult interactions.

Igniting Significant Conversations
You will develop the art of designing powerful questions that bring insight before a planned meeting and reporting back on the difference it has made. Daily opportunities to spontaneously ask and listen for significance will make this training truly transformational! You will discover personally how some breakthroughs will only come on the other side of a great questions prepared ahead of time.

Resources for Real Life Application
Now you can measure your progress and learn what best works for you according to the context of the people or groups you want to impact. From the dinner table to the board room you will become the best part of someone’s day because you now know how to fully show up and “seize the moment”!

$ 495.00

Average Rating starrating
Instructed by starrating Dr. Joseph Umidi
Lessons: 5

  • Help parents connect relationally with their kids
  • Help spouses communicate authentically with one another
  • Empower church members to rekindle purpose and passion in their interactions
  • Equip leaders to make conflict less damaging and more productive
  • Train workers to turn boring meetings into highly engaging experiences
  • Create immediate transformation stories of impact in the community


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