The Dreamfire Experience

We want the whole world to know the power of unlocking your Dreams! The Intersection of Purpose and Passion


The Dreamfire Experience is a highly reflective discovery and visual process. The course and your follow-through process intentionally ignites the powerful combination of passion and purpose. Along with your follow-through, this unique process will foster a ‘community of dreams’ and provide you the support, encouragement and accountability needed for success.  You can also gather a small group by individually purchasing the course and experience the powerful discussion questions together to deepen your learning and accelerate your progress.

The course is a reflective discovery experience for people motivated to live their lives on purpose. The presenter in the videos will model the process by demonstration, illustration, and activation. The activations are in your Dreamfire Experience Workbook which is downloadable. Take your time between videos, or even pause the video, and engage the process through these activations as you move through the sessions.

In the The Dreamfire Experience you will…

  • Discover, Define, and Ignite your God-size dream with Actionable Plans
  • Connect with others pursuing similar dreams in small groups you create and in the Dreamfire Mastermind Group
  • Discover and Benefit from ongoing, intentional S.E.A. groups

$ 99.00

Average Rating starrating
Instructed by starrating Dr. Joseph Umidi
Lessons: 6

  • Experience the powerful difference it could make by living and working out of your core purpose and passion
  • Get access to resources and support to scale your business and monetize your best dreams
  • Imagine the joy and freedom of making a living doing what you love!


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