Master Communicator @ Home, Work, and Life


Improve Your Relational, Conversational, Emotional, and Cultural Intelligence

The Master Communicator bundle will help you learn to honor and value each person’s unique,  contribution and have more impact in your home, work and all areas of life with more meaningful conversations. You will also understand why conflict is necessary and how to bring resolution to conflicts between individuals and groups.

$ 249.00

Conversational Champion

Transformational Intelligence

Transformational Intelligence will inspire readers to make a difference and impact at home and in the workplace! You will increase your competency and credibility in seven key arenas for impacting, upgrading and shifting culture. The book includes an assessment in these areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Relational
  • Cultural
  • Vocational


If you are a manager, supervisor, coach, student or someone looking to accelerate your personal development, then this book is your launching pad!

Creative Conflict Resolution

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Product Description

Bundle includes: Conversational Champions, Transformational Intelligence and Creative Conflict Resolution. Each of these courses include audio sessions, workbook and personal activation throughout the course. Total Value – $339, but available as a bundle for just $249!


  1. Initiate Life-changing Interactions
  2. Shift the quality of your workplace culture
  3. Maximize positive resolutions from conflicts
  4. Increase the communications of Teams and Management


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