Master Communicator @ Home, Work, and Life


Improve Your Relational, Conversational, Emotional, and Cultural Intelligence

The Master Communicator bundle will help you learn to honor and value each person’s unique,  contribution and have more impact in your home, work and all areas of life with more meaningful conversations. You will also understand why conflict is necessary and how to bring resolution to conflicts between individuals and groups.

     7 Mountains Coaching

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Conversational Champion

Creative Conflict Resolution


7Mountains Coaching

In key areas of our vocation, 7M coaching is what today's leaders are looking for—a coaching dynamic that calls forth their destiny, challenges them to go deeper and reach higher, and help them stay focused on fulfilling their kingdom purpose in the marketplace. 7M Coaching can better equip you to train, coach, and/or lead in the seven mountains of vocational life:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Media
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Family
  • Non-Profit Sector

7Mountains Coaching Specifics

10 Training Videos by Dr. Joseph Umidi
5 Demo Coaching Videos by Lyn Eichmann, PCC
2 Audio Coaching Sessions by Dr. Joseph Umidi
Personal Reflection exercises
Peer Coaching activations
Small Group Discussion Questions

Benefits of 7Mountains Coaching

This course will enable you to Get Started in 7M Coaching. As a result of successfully completing you will see the following benefits:

Three top benefits of 7M coaching to the individual:

  1. Improvements to individual performance
  2. Increased openness to development and learning
  3. Help with identifying solutions to specific work issues

Two top benefits of 7M coaching to the organization:

  1. Ability to use talent and potential more fully
  2. Higher overall performance and productivity

Key benefits of 7M coaching to your mountain:

  • Productivity (53%)
  • Quality (48%)
  • Customer Service (39%)
  • Retaining executives (32%)
  • Cost reductions (23%)
  • Bottom line profitability (22%)

Several studies in the business world have confirmed that coaching more than pays for itself in increased productivity. Below are results of several studies that confirm the benefits of coaching.

Return on Investment
A Metrix Global study of Fortune 500 executives found that coaching produced a 788% return on investment. The Manchester Inc. study found an average rate of return on investment of 5.7 times the cost of the coaching.

Accelerated Learning
Investigating the effect of following up training with coaching, Olivero et al. found that training with coaching was four times more effective than training alone in increasing performance.

Becoming a Credentialed 7Mountains Coach

Successful graduates of this course have the opportunity to become a credentialed coach with the Lance Learning Institute by completing the Destiny Dashbord course provided on their site,

Successful graduates of both 7Mountains Coach course and Destiny Dashboard can become a professional certified coach with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching by completing a third course called Accelerated Coach Training (ACT). Both of these previous courses will be applied to the full ACT course at a significant price and work load discount. See

Transformational Intelligence

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Product Description

Bundle includes: Conversational Champions, Transformational Intelligence, Creative Conflict Resolution, and 7M Coaching. Each of these courses include audio sessions, workbook, and personal activation throughout the course.



Initiate Life-changing lnteractions

Provide practical coaching tools for the workplace

Listen for what really matters

Master Communicators earn more, advance faster and enjoy better relationships.  Ask yourself, do you need to improve your communication skills. Do any of the following impact your career or help you fulfill your purpose?

  • Have breakthrough conversations: really connect, change lives and get results
  • Have Less conflict: deal with conflict in a practical and constructive way
  • Inspire more: understand, motivate, and empower others.
  • Upgrade your workplace skills: with practical coaching tools [techniques] that you can implement immediately.


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