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We will be the premiere global platform for transformational training, resources, and coaching from a thoroughly Christian perspective, and given by those recognized in their fields as thought leaders and seasoned practitioners.

We will provide a “finishing school” series of tracks and courses that will be professionally delivered to accelerate personal and career performance to steward the favor of God in the workplace.

We will train ambassador quality leaders who will impact their vocations and communities with proven principles and practices that produce transformation.


Our mission is to maximize the competence and calling for those eager to step up to play a bigger game and make a difference that matters.

Our mission is to mobilize thousands of credentialed and certified coaches and influencers who are passionate about leveraging their unique design, desires, and dreams to leave a lasting legacy.

Our mission is to serve every participant to understand the times and to be fully awake to the Great Commission opportunities that no other times have seen.


Tailor-Made: We value “tailor-made” training that fits the unique story line for every person’s dreams and goals.

Convergence: We value “convergence” that ties together the power of lifeforming content, with the passion of life-changing relationships and the perspective of life-altering experiences.

Real: We value “authentic” teaching moments by transparent presenters that catalyze authentic community through those who replicate to others.

Fresh: We value dynamic “in season” training that produces new perspectives and new approaches to lingering challenges we face.

Results: We value people and training materials that reproduce sustainable change in learners by focusing on applying each of our intentional difference at home and work.


1999: In the mountains of Virginia a small group of innovators responded to the dream of Dr. Joseph Umidi when he said at a called summit meeting, “I will take and die on the mountain of transformational coaching and training”, with the commitment; “We will put our shoulder to this.”

2000-present: Transformational Leadership Coaching is launched at Regent University and in the surrounding community, and has continued to grow and develop through Lifeforming Leadership, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching and Lifeforming Institute, to the present status (2015):

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pic21Dr. Joseph Umidi is Founder and President of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Inc., a worldwide Coach Training ministry in 26 countries and 14 languages. He is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. Dr. Joseph Umidi serves as Professor of Ministry at Regent University for the past 32 years. Since July 1, 2014, he is also serving as Executive Vice President. Dr. Umidi served in senior leadership roles of several churches in Virginia during that time, including thirteen years of Pastoral leadership in Canada prior. For twelve years he has served as the Senior Director of New Life Ministries International, a church network, church planting, and missions organization based in Virginia Beach. He has authored numerous articles and books dealing with Church, Organizational and Personal Transformation. He works in community and international transformation strategies with several ministry organizations in the developing nations. He is married to Marie, Founder & President of TMCJ, Inc. an international Gospel Arts ministry, and the delighted grandparents of three grandchildren.

pic11Lyn Eichmann is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Since 2007, Lyn has served as Director of Training for Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. As a Leadership Coach and Master Coach Trainer for the past 16 years, in 2011, she became a Partner at Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Inc., an international Coach Training organization. She provides support and administrative oversight to licensed partners, all training, both nationally and internationally, develops curriculum and serves as a Mentor coach, workshop presenter and speaker. Lyn co-authored Transformational Values, Distilling Core Personal Values. She has also co-authored material on coaching, personal growth and change. Having been in business and non-profit ministry for 30 years, Lyn is dedicated to helping others realize their full potential in the home, workplace and ministry through coaching, training and consulting. She lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, has three amazing sons, delightful daughters in law and six above average grandchildren.

Kelly Batton
Kelly serves as Licensee and Product administrator and our accounting and bookkeeping director.

Mark Haswell
Mark serves as Customer Service Director and Office Manager.

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