4-D Discipleship

Learn to become and to make more and better disciples using the methodology of the Master.


Content is the foundation but Context is the key that makes for more and better disciples….the Jesus way! This course combines the 4-D’s of Content, Relationships, Experiences and Divine Encounters with the 4-D’s of Design, Desire, Dream, and Destiny for Discipleship Results that last. This can be combined with any existing materials or models of discipleship or a one on one discipleship book can be purchased and used with this model

It is typically best practice to have the following sections as well:


  • A disciple who wants to get the most out of the discipleship process
  • A leader who wants to be sure they know how to make disciples


  • High school and up
  • Pastors and teachers
  • Bible study group leaders

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$ 49.00

Average Rating starrating
Instructed by starrating Dr. Joseph Umidi
Lessons: 7

  • Discover the unique combination of Content and Context for acceleration
  • Integrate your unique design patterns into a formation process
  • Turn standard approaches to discipleship into tailor-made methods
  • Qualify to lead discipleship groups using a workbook for participant


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