Our content is not theoretical or aspirational, it is actual in that is has already worked in a professional accredited educational arena and/or the practical field- tested environment.


Trainings and resources are rooted in biblical, evangelical, and inter-denominational principles that work in the family, church, and workplace. Our code of ethics complies with coaching industry standards.


Illustrations, stories, and personal examples are integrated throughout to insure that the heart and the mind are captured for real change.


Materials and presenters are sensitive and honoring to multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-gender concerns and applications in ways that celebrate rather than tolerate diversity.


Outcomes are designed so each training track and each course has specific actions that can be measured for each trainer and each participant. These may include multiple choice “restatements” and applications summaries.

Reflection and application are required to meet the goal of being fully transformational so that the curriculum is able to answer the question, “So what difference is this making in my life?”

A sequential process is used to insure that every participant can measure his or her learning progress along the way.


Skilled presenters will use quality videos, audios, interviews, panel discussions, power points, graphics, and pdf files, chat rooms, quizzes, forums, questions, conference recordings, reflective review and other innovative means of delivery.

All methodologies must answer to the overarching goal of making this a primary place of deep and accelerated learning rather than simply an information depot and transfer.

All videos and other materials will be available on mobile devices as well as computers with monthly additions and specialized conferences being added regularly.

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