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“I truly want to improve my communication and interactions in a way that is sustainable over time.”

“I am looking for ways to dramatically improve my conversations at home, at work or with friends!”

“I have been looking for a way to develop our leadership staff and personnel in unique ways in order to take our organization from good to great.”

“I am looking for a new perspective on personal development, a way to focus on strengths that are often overlooked yet valuable in every arena.”

“I am excited about personal growth as a Christ follower and want to intentionally develop as a disciple.”

“My passion is using the methodologies of the Master as I disciple others to become deeply committed disciples.”

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We value people and training materials that reproduce sustainable change.

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We believe culture is shaped and enduringly changed by relatively small groups of determined leaders; men and women influencing the heads of networks and organizations for working together and for focusing on strategic purposes. Are you one of those leaders?

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The Dreamfire Experience

The Intersection of Passion and Purpose


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The Dreamfire Experience was designed to help you master the principles and practices of dream coaching by first discovering and bringing into alignment the God-given dreams and passion in your own life.

Embark on your own Dreamfire journey today with a special online self-study program, with family, church, or with a small circle of friends.

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"Lifeforming Leadership Coaching is the most valuable and transformative process I have ever experienced. - Dr. Earl Brown"

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