Called to transform lives & culture?

We believe culture is shaped and enduringly changed by relatively small groups of determined leaders; men and women influencing the heads of networks and organizations for working together and for focusing on strategic purposes. Are you one of those leaders?

One Word for our Purpose:


We will empower you personally and professionally to “Be the Difference” and support you relationally and organizationally to “Make the Difference”

One Key to your Influence:


We will accelerate your ability to “call forth” the unique value and character of people, organizations, and communities that is disruptive to the world’s aggressive culture of dishonor.

One Result of your Honor:


We will prepare you to bring forth the ministry and message of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18) to those gatekeepers who need you and the resources you will bring to their irreconcilable situations.

One Core Focus:


We will surround you with an iron sharpen iron “Cluster Anointing” that will release a new creativity and courage in you to go beyond your past borders.

One Strategic Model:


We will assess and develop your Personal and Kingdom effectiveness in measurable dimensions and coaching interactions.


Over the last 20 years, we have trained 10,000+ coaching leaders globally. Our desire now is to organize and mobilize a Gideon’s Army of special ops Ambassadors who will form an Alliance of change agents in the key sectors of our cultures. Lifeforming has developed transformation training, technology, and processes to promote relational leaders to a new level of influence.

Ignite Fires

joseph-peck“My training with Lifeforming was the best training of my entire life. Dr. Umidi, is one of my life’s Top Ten influencers. If you want to leverage your life, be a Lifeforming Ambassador.”— DR. JOSEPH PECK

10 Key Difference Making Benefits

1. Greater Influence & Impact

You want your life at home and at work to matter now and into the next generation.

2. Global Movement with God

You want to make a difference in something much bigger than your daily routines.

3. Community of Leaders

You desire to be part of a community of Transformational Leaders who all want to see sustainable change in our cities and nations.

4. Create Heart Change

You want to be known for contributing to some of the best transformational moments in people’s lives that last.

5. Achieve Higher Levels of Success

You want to redefine success and exceed your personal best in the areas that matter most.

6. Increase Your Capital

Expand your network of people and resources–spiritual, relational and intellectual capital–to invest and accelerate your ability to make a lasting contribution.

7. Personal & Professional Growth

You desire to see sustainable change in what is keeping you and others from their best life and dreams.

8. Receiving Strength and Support

You need a band of brothers or sisters who have each other’s back to flourish now and finish well.

9. Earn More, You’re Worth It

Be validated for what you can do for others with compensation that shows that honor.

10. Generation-changing Projects

Have first in line access to regional, global, and generational projects as an Ambassador.

Use the first global supervision tool and coaching APP just released at



Are You Ready To Join The Mission?

Our Mission

Your Mission is to transform lives and multiply leaders for Christ right where you are. Ours is to mentor, equip and activate you for the task by leveraging our proven coaching practices, on-line course content, programs and partnerships.


Join the Ambassador Alliance

  • A Quarterly Mastermind hosted by Dr. Umidi
  • A Weekly Resourcing call
  • Monthly Executive Presentations with experts
  • A Dedicated Coaching Cluster
  • Access to Partner Resources & Networks
  • 20% Revenue Sharing from the sale of content on the Institute site
  • Access to major Projects such as the first “Coaching Bible” publication

Our Benefits

Presentations and Notes: Power points, video clips, pdf. files and other notes from fellow members, guest presenters, and Ambassador Leadership

B-weekly Cluster Calls: Two live Webinar internet calls each month from leaders

Project Participation: Opportunity to participate with other members and leader for book writing, curriculum development, publishing projects, and other creative projects. CSB is the global project called Coaching Study Bible.

Access to all Online courses: Lifeforming Institute on-line course are FREE to members for their Personal and Professional Development (beginning at level 2).

Annual national and regional conferences: Members in regions can host Ambassador sponsored conferences, such as is being done now in San Antonio with the Kairos Conference, and members in good standing can attend free. This includes an annual national conference in Virginia Beach in June.

Referral Link for income: Level 3 and above are able to share the Institute courses with other and receive a 20% income from non-members who purchase any of these courses. Members at Level 2 and above can also put their own courses up on the Institute for other member’s free benefit and for income from other members referring these courses to others.

Training Certifications: Train the Trainer certifications are not free to Ambassadors except at level 3 and above. These members can receive 2 at no costs.

Licensed Partnerships: This Level 4 membership enables network or organizational leaders who have their own memberships under their brand to have access to all the above benefits at discounts to allow them to have an additional source of income and resources to their members.

#1 – Ambassador Associate

  • Benefits = Presentations & notes, Bi-Weekly Cluster Calls, Plus Project participation (CSB, etc.)
  • Cost = $395 annually or $39/month
  • First Month FREE

#2 – Ambassador

  • Benefits = Personal access to ALL online courses ($1,760+. Value), PLUS Presentations, Bi-Weekly Cluster Calls & Projects, PLUS Free Annual National and Regional Conferences.
  • Costs = $995 annually or $95/month

#3 – Ambassador Training Partner

  • Benefits = All of #1 and #2 PLUS. Affiliate Referral link for income, PLUS Two Training Certifications valued at $995. each (ECT, RTT, Conflict, Dreamfire, I-Brand Inside, Coaching Bible Seminars, etc.)
  • Cost = $1995 annually or $189/month

#4 – Ambassador Embassy Leader

  • Benefits = All of #1, #2, and #3 PLUS Licensed Partnership for volume discounts
  • Cost = $4995 annually or $449/month

Dr. Joseph Umidi, Founder of Lifeforming Ambassador Alliance

umidiDr. Joseph Umidi is Founder and President of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Inc., a worldwide Coach Training ministry in 26 countries and 14 languages. He is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation.

Dr. Joseph Umidi serves as Professor of Ministry at Regent University for the past 32 years. Since July 1, 2014, he is also serving as Executive Vice President. Dr. Umidi served in senior leadership roles of several churches in Virginia during that time, including thirteen years of Pastoral leadership in Canada prior. For twelve years he has served as the Senior Director of New Life Ministries International, a church network, church planting, and missions organization based in Virginia Beach.

He has authored numerous articles and books dealing with Church, Organizational and Personal Transformation. He works in community and international transformation strategies with several ministry organizations in the developing nations. He is married to Marie, Founder & President of TMCJ, Inc. an international Gospel Arts ministry, and the delighted grandparents of three grandchildren.

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